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It's been a pleasure having Laura as my personal trainer the last 6 months. We started with virtual sessions over Zoom during Covid and she kept me plenty active in my garage gym with approachable and thoughtful workouts. Since then she is doing all my lifting programming and we've had sessions in person, it has been a game changer!
Laura has completely transformed my middle aged body. I had been suffering from lower back pain for years and resigned myself to living in pain despite being very active physically in my younger days. She focused on muscular imbalances and combating degenerative disc issues, and sitting too much in the office, with lifting sessions that rebuilt me and alleviated most of the pain I had been experiencing. I highly recommend Laura and LS Training to anyone looking and extend my thanks to her for all she's done!

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How It Works:

Fill out the intake form below. Once it’s reviewed, you’ll start off with a consultation call with Laura where you will discuss your personal goals and concerns with her. From there, she will put together a customized program that suits your goals, time constraints, and equipment/space available.

Online coaching includes weekly check-ins, training video feedback, and direct coach communication via text. 



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