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Do you need help with making #gains?

Well you know what? I've been there too. It's why I became a trainer! As I learned more about the human body and how it responds to training, I just knew that more people out there, like myself, needed someone who could give it to them straight so they could start seeing results and become healthier humans.

This is why I don't:

  • Give out free training advice; everyone has their own unique situation that needs to be addressed individually
  • Try and upsell you on something that'll make me more $$$; I advise what's best for you
  • Coach group sessions generally; there's more value and information passed when I work 1:1 with you

What I do:

  • Meet you where you are at and work with you step by step to get you to where you want to be
  • Value education and health above all to help you achieve lasting results
  • Work with you on mindset towards exercise and nutrition
  • Coach you with a focus on technique and strength
  • Listen to your concerns and questions and help you as much as I can to succeed in and out of the gym


Laura is very responsive to any questions or concerns you have during and outside of training sessions. She listens to you and responds/adjusts according to your needs. She instills confidence in you while still pushing you to your limits. I admire her passion for what she does. She is an excellent communicator and motivator. I used to force myself to go to the gym out of guilt. Thanks to Laura I now have a more positive relationship with exercise. I am excited with the changes I have witnessed in my body and am eager to see what else it is capable of. No matter where you are at in your fitness levels, Laura can help you jump start your health and fitness goals.


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