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Tips for Lasting Fat Loss


Losing weight and fat can be frustrating! You workout for hours, you are eating healthy, and then you step on the scale… Why hasn't that number budged? Sometimes, in fact, we see it actually go up! Which should be the exact opposite! 


A lot of people try a lot of different things. They try juice cleanses. They try 10 day detoxes. They try 21 day fitness challenges. All of these things have something in common – they promise results in a short amount of time and are a short-term commitment. What people don't realize is that this usually isn't sustainable for the long-term so they get finite results and are left discouraged in the long run.

While some people come from a spot where they are accustomed to the "fitness life" and can transition between bulking and cutting and they get it done, most people typically are not. Most people come from a variety of backgrounds. Most people who I work with have ingrained habits that they have been practicing for most of their lives. When it comes to fat loss, these little habits can be a game changer.

So I like to start with the little things. A lot of people have the habit of eating a snack before bed or they have a habit of eating out with coworkers for lunch. So we'll start with one actionable goal that I know they can achieve and put into practice for the week. It can start as simple as replacing their snack with a healthier alternative or drinking a glass of water instead. Or it can be as simple as mindful eating when they go out to eat with their coworkers and try to stop eating at 80% full instead of cleaning off the entire plate.

Small habits add up to big results.

And then once we feel like these actionable goals are easy to achieve, we can add on another goal. And another. Until slowly and surely we get to a point where we are meal prepping, packing our lunches, making conscious healthy decisions at the grocery store, and we feel like eating healthy and regulating our portion sizes isn't as daunting as it was before.

I like to use small actionable goals, one at a time, to give you a sense of accomplishment and feel like, "Hey. I do got this!". Nothing is better than feeling like you have control and that you've successfully accomplished a new task.

I'm here to be a guide and point you in the right direction on your next (or first) step. I'm gently nudging you to try and make your own decisions. I firmly believe that my job is to help people become self-sufficient in their food choices. Once you have a handle on your eating habits, your food choices, and have formed a healthy relationship with food, you'll find that eating to nourish and fuel your body isn't the hardest task in the world.

Are you finding yourself trying to eat a healthy diet but find yourself cheating here and there? Are those small "cheats" adding up into giving you the opposite of the results you want? Wanting to lose weight and tone up are perfectly valid reasons for wanting to eat better. I'll help you understand that it's more about looks; it's about health and thriving in the lifestyle you've creating for yourself. Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I'll help you get started today! 

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Losing weight and fat can be frustrating! You workout for hours, you are eating healthy, and then you step on the scale… Why hasn't that number budged...
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