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My Secret To A Six Pack


Are you ready to learn how to get that toned tummy you've always wanted? WELL LISTEN UP I CAN TELL YOU EXACTLY HOW!

To get a waistline like the one in the picture on the left, you're going to have to train three times a day, 6-7 days a week.

That's how much volume (energy expenditure) I was doing when I was a collegiate rower. I weighed approximately 105lbs and was about 16-19% bodyfat.

I was also consuming about 2200 calories a day.

So what can you take away from this? Well first of all, I was a collegiate athlete which meant I was operating at a high performance demand. Secondly, I was LEAN. That low body fat was what helped reveal those abdominal muscles. Thirdly, I was EATING a lot.

So you don't have to be an athlete to slim down your waistline and firm up those ab muscles. But what a lot of people do not realize is that you cannot (CANNOT) lose abdominal fat by crunches and situps and planks and Russian twists alone. The only way you're going to be able to see tummy muscles is to be at a low % body fat.

If you compare this picture to the first picture, you can definitely tell that I don't have as much ab definition (but hello oblique line, thanks for sticking around!) Here I'm around 25% bodyfat. That's about 6-9% more fat than I had when I was rowing.

And that's okay!

My goals have changed from trying to be a fast endurance athlete to a strong powerlifter. And with that comes different bodyfat percentages and lean body mass percentages.

My Point: Body fat is going to be the greatest contributor to how much you can see your ab muscles.

So how do I lose body fat?? You may be wondering.

It's very simple. But at the same time, very difficult. To lose body fat you have to consume less calories. And even then, it's going to take some time to even begin to see some ab definition. A healthy calorie deficit would be around 100-500 calories a day. Start small. You will feel HUNGRY.

Also be aware that your body burns fat at rest or during low intensity activities. So going on a run for 20 minutes with your heartrate at 160 bpm isn't going to do the trick, sistah. Boosting your metabolism by building some lean body mass (muscles) as well is going to help you burn more fat at rest.

This picture is about 2 months after the second picture. I was on a small cut where I reduced my calories (stopped eating Panda Express twice a week. Saved some money too!) and increased my cardio to 3 or 4 times a week.

I saw results pretty fast. In the second picture, I was around 125lbs. In this picture I'm at 122lbs and noticeably leaner. I haven't measured my body fat % yet but I'm guessing I'm around 21%.

One thing that I've noticed also does help is to do ab exercises two to three times a week. It doesn't have to be a lot but I personally feel like it helps those muscles pop out a little better.

SO TO CONCLUDE MY TED TALK to get a toned waistline or chiseled six pack, you gotta get your nutrition in check, lift some weights, and do a few leg lifts.

Any questions? Message mee!

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