My Experience With Fat Loss

I've always been fairly small and petite. I'm five foot two inches. The summer before I went to college I was 103lbs! That was probably the lightest I've been since before high school. When I started college at Seattle Pacific University and joined the rowing team, I gained a little weight (probably from training for three to four hours a day) and ...
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My Secret To A Six Pack

Are you ready to learn how to get that toned tummy you've always wanted? WELL LISTEN UP I CAN TELL YOU EXACTLY HOW! To get a waistline like the one in the picture on the left, you're going to have to train three times a day, 6-7 days a week. That's how much volume (energy expenditure) I was doing when I was a collegiate rower. I weighed approximate...
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Basics of strength training - the why, how, and benefits of it

Ahh, one of the most misunderstood and misused forms of training. It's time everyone realized how important and beneficial strength training is and how it should be at the cornerstone of your workout program! Strength training or Resistance training is when you perform exercises that put the body under load or resistance. Most of the time, these ex...
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Hello! It's me again. Your friendly neighborhood exercise scientist ready to stir up some trouble. There are dozens of articles out there on this subj...
Losing weight and fat can be frustrating! You workout for hours, you are eating healthy, and then you step on the scale… Why hasn't that number budged...
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