[How To] Body Recomposition

 So you're trying to lose weight. Build some muscle. You want to get toned. You want to get some more definition in your arms.  What you're trying to do - what you really want! - is not weight loss, but body recomposition! So what is body recomposition? It's different from weight loss. You might not actually lose weight in the process of ...
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[How To] Pre-workout nutrition

Have you ever bonked out during a workout? Meaning you felt super tired, super weak, super suddenly? Yeah, we've all experienced that at least once in our lives! If you feel like you bonk out often or just feel tired, lethargic, and disinterested in your workout, you may need to up that pre-workout nutrition game! A lot of us go from work or school...
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[Trainer Insights] Common Fitness Mistakes

When embarking upon a fitness journey, there are a lot of things that can be difficult. Finding the motivation/desire to get off the couch and workout could actually become the easiest part! With all the misinformation on the internet and the black-and-white narratives surrounding fitness and nutrition, what is a person to do? How do you decide wha...
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Do you really need to build muscle?

muscle-building Is building muscle necessary?!
So what's the big deal behind building muscle? Who needs to? Why do you need to? What if you don't want to "get big" though? If you're new here, welcome! Let's dive into all things why you need to be building muscle! 1) Muscle is the key to movement. You literally would not be able to move if you didn't have muscles. Ever heard of muscular dystroph...
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[How To] Choosing Your Personal Trainer

So you want to start exercising, but you don't know quite where to start. The first move most people have is to wonder if hiring a personal trainer is the right choice for them! Who can benefit from a personal trainer? Most anyone! I know trainers who have trainers. I've worked with people from all backgrounds, experiences, ages, and fitness levels...
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Quick & Easy Weekly Meal Prep!

 Today I'm going to share with you my weekly meal prep routine! It usually takes me under two hours and I prep enough meals for five days of lunches and dinners. Warning - if you get bored of the same food everyday, don't follow along. Watch for inspiration maybe or perhaps to get ideas of what you can make. I'm a creature of habit and is not ...
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How to Squat with Perfect Form

You're probably here because you struggle with squats! Welcome to the club! The squat is an exercise that is very popular amongst everyone, as it should be. It's extremely effective at improving lower body strength and core stability and is a good indicator of adequate mobility. However, depending on how we are built, your squat may look different ...
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How To Build Healthy Habits

A new year, new you! Right? Hmm... Maybe. A lot of people tell me they "just want to build healthy habits". And that's great! The idea is great. The intention is great. But what's not great is that "building healthy habits" just isn't easy.  Here's what a lot of people's perception of "being healthy" is: Do cardioStrength trainMeditate/yogaEat...
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Physical & Mental Reasons You Need To Be Strength Training

Strength training is probably the most important aspect of fitness. Even though you can stil benefit greatly from just walking or running - or really any form of activity - strength training is by far the most effective way to manage injury risk, optimize metabolism, and improve lean body mass. It often gets a bad reputation, with people stren...
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Performance Goals: Why and How

Whether you're just starting out in your fitness journey or have been training for quite some time now, I always always ALWAYS encourage performance-based goals. Why? Performance-based goals are objective, numbers-driven, and you typically have more control over the outcomes than you do for aesthetic-based or more subjective goals. Performance-base...
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Three 15 minute workouts for when you don't have time!

Most of us go into new goals with good intentions. With a plan. With an idea of how things are going to go! But this is also where most of us fail. We don't create backup plans. We don't come up with ideas in case things don't go our way. Here's an example. Person X has a goal to workout for 45 minutes, 3 days a week. However, they don't come with ...
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Essential At Home Workout Equipment

2020 seems to be the year of at home workouts. Gyms are closed, people are stuck at home, the lockdown seems endless... If you acted quickly, you were able to get the remaining dumbbells on earth before they all sold out. Now if you want to try and find dumbbells, you might as well look on the black market. $2.00 a pound?! Ridiculous! However, most...
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Five Strength Exercises for Beginners

If you've been around for long enough, you know that I'm all about SIMPLE. I'm a big believer in the KISS principle. The simpler, the better. And the best thing is that most simple things tend to be very effective as well.  So if you're someone who's new to strength training and wants to learn how to put together a simple, effective workout, w...
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Ways to make light weights feel more challenging

If you're one of the many people who are still stuck at home for your workouts, you've probably hit a plateau. You're probably finding the weights you have (lucky) too easy now or you're finding your routine to be going stale. In other words, it's not working anymore and your progress has stalled. I get it - it's hard to make progress continually a...
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5 Pushup Progressions to Help Level Up Your Pushup Game

PUSHUPS - they're made out to be a staple exercise, like everyone should do them. But they are really really hard in reality. It's very rare for me to see just anyone bust out flawless pushups. Simple? Yes. Basic? Hmm, don't think so. It's as simple as being on all fours and bringing your chest within an inch of the ground and then pushing your bod...
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Guest Post: Dr. Alexa Neynaber of Virasoap on Hydration & Electrolytes

You increased your weights, you nailed your sets, and you generally crushed the workout. You feel elated, satisfied, and the rush like your body is filled with endorphins. This is ideally how you want to feel after a workout, right? But have you ever walked away from workout feeling less than awesome? Feeling apathetic, fatigued, dizzy, nauseated, ...
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Why Hire a Personal Trainer?

IMG_9738 Laura Su - personal trainer, powerlifter, entrepreneur
Obviously, this post is self-promoting (hehe) but isn't that the point of my blogs? I want to explain the benefits of hiring a personal trainer. A lot of people will pull information off the internet about workouts and exercise and call it good. And while I'm glad that people are exercising (I really am; it's step one towards living a healthier lif...
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Common Myths and Misconceptions About Fitness

Hello! It's me again. Your friendly neighborhood exercise scientist ready to stir up some trouble. There are dozens of articles out there on this subject. But if this is the first time you've stumbled upon an article like this, welcome! There's a lot of information out there on the internet and we all know this. We all also should acknowledge that ...
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Tips for Lasting Fat Loss

Losing weight and fat can be frustrating! You workout for hours, you are eating healthy, and then you step on the scale… Why hasn't that number budged? Sometimes, in fact, we see it actually go up! Which should be the exact opposite!  SMALL HABITS ADD UP TO BIG RESULTS  A lot of people try a lot of different things. They try juice cleanse...
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Your Form Sucks

Have you ever heard that? You mention to someone that when you squat your knees hurt or when you deadlift your back hurts and the first thing they say to you is that "your form sucks". And, logically, their criticism makes sense. If your form is bad, you'll get hurt. It's that simple. Right? Wrong. While form and technique are crucially important t...
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Hello! It's me again. Your friendly neighborhood exercise scientist ready to stir up some trouble. There are dozens of articles out there on this subj...
Losing weight and fat can be frustrating! You workout for hours, you are eating healthy, and then you step on the scale… Why hasn't that number budged...
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